Dermaquest Resurfacers & Peels

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Lifting, Firming Enzyme Facial 

A Universal treatment appropriate for all skin types and conditions. This is an ideal treatment for first time clients wishing to have a resurfacing treatment but have not had time to prepare their skin beforehand. The firming enzyme treatment incorporates the power of enzymes and peptides to help mildly exfoliate, build and brighten the skin, while giving a noticeable lift and incredible smoothness. No Preparation Required.

45 min treatment | £45.00


Resurfacers sometimes referred to as mild peels, are superficial treatments, meaning that they work on the very top layers of the epidermis and use enzymes and acids to refine and exfoliate. Dermaquest Resurfacers have generally little-to-no downtime.

A Dermaquest preparation product must be used on the skin for two weeks before any resurfacers or peel treatment.

Glycolic Resurfacer

This deeply exfoliating treatment uses a unqiue blend of anti-ageing ingredients to retexture damaged skin. Using Glycolic Acid to firm and Lilac Stem Cells to protect skin from environmental pollution, this is an ideal treatment for those with significant UV damage.

Pumpkin Resurfacer

Containing 40% Pumpkin Pulp this resurfacer was designed to meet the needs of those with acne concerns and enlarged pores. The anti-bacterial affect of Salicylic Acid helps to prevent and treat acne for those prone to breakouts or experiencing perimenopause. Coupled with Lactic Acid, this treatment not only relieves post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, but also improves skin tone and texture.

Power Peptide Resurfacer

This treatment, formulated with Rigin and Matrixyl, is the authority on cellular and UV damage, promoting collagen and elastin synthesis. Boasting 40% blend of AHA’s and bursting with peptides, this is our most advanced anti-ageing resurfacer yet, ideal for those in need of advanced wrinkle correction.

Lactic Resurfacer

Ideal for sensitized skin and skin conditions like rosacea our Lactic Resurfacer is gentle while actively exfoliating for an even skin tone. Paired with Sodium Hyaluronate, this treatment is the ultimate cellular humectant. An unrivalled moisture magnet, crafted to replenish dehydrated, dull skin.

MangoBrite Resurfacer

Designed with Vitamin C, Orange Stem Cells and Mango Pulp, this hydrating resurfacer provides a basic level of exfoliation as it evens skin tone and helps to repair all levels of hyperpigmentation. Kojic Acid diminishes dark spots by reducing melanin production for a thoroughly brightened complexion.

Salicylic Resurfacer

This resurfacer uses anti-bacterial Salicylic Acid to reduce and control inflammation associated with acne. Deeply exfoliating and able to penetrate right down to the follicle. Calms irritation reducing redness, soothes inflammation for a fresh and pacified complexion.

30 min treatment | £57.00

Course of 6 treatments | £312.00

Advanced Peels

Skin peels treat the top layers but also penetrate the mid to lower levels of the epidermis, delivering stronger, extended results. Because chemical peels are so active and deeply penetrating, downtime for up to 10 days can be expected.

SkinBrite Peel

With ingredients such as Lactic, Mandelic and Phytic Acids this peel helps to combat deep, resistant pigmentation caused by hormones, sun damage, and long-standing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation such as dark spots caused by acne scarring.

TCA Peel (Trichloroacetic Acid)

Our most comprehensive and potent anti-ageing peel, this treatment was formulated to combat severe photo damage, distended pores, deep wrinkles and dull, sagging skin. A rescue operation for distressed skin, using Trichloroacetic Acid to penetrate the deepest epidermal layers.

Modified Jessner Peel

This peel was designed to comprehensively manage acne, preventing persistent breakouts and calming current blemishes with Salicylic Acid. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, the Modified Jessner peel also contains Lactic Acid to lift dark spots due to acne scarring and resorcinol. This helps to exfoliate away dead skin cells, excess oil and debris to establish your clean and clear complexion.

45 min treatment £120.00

Course of 3 treatments £300.00